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The need for educational transformation in the U.S. is real – and urgent. Right now, an estimated 7.5 million children from under-resourced communities are performing significantly below grade level. With third-grade reading serving as a powerful predictor of lifelong success, this educational inequity is holding back generations of children from reaching their full potential. This is a national crisis affecting lifelong success and the economy.

Technology is a driving force of our economy. Well-paying jobs often require a college degree and ever-greater levels of STEM skills. Yet study after study show the U.S. lagging behind other developed countries in creating the workforce of the future, ranking 38th out of 71 countries in math, and 24th in science.

School districts, schools, teachers, and youth-serving organizations are all too familiar with these challenges. What they seek is a solution that:

  • Makes it easier for them to create evidence-based summer and afterschool programs that get results
  • Guides them in designing, delivering, measuring and optimizing educational programs
  • Expands learning time with measurable outcomes via a data-driven approach
  • Empowers students and educators, with impact that transcends into the school year
  • Equips educators with new skills they apply back in the classroom
  • Engages parents throughout the program for maximum impact

With BellXcel, your impact will extend beyond the student and the classroom. Like sound waves from a ringing bell, your impact starts with scholars in the center and reverberates out to empower their circles of support of parents, teachers, and school administrators.

Partner with us. Together we can empower the next generation of scholars.


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Of the 9th grade reading achievement gap is due to summer learning loss.
Years behind by 5th grade, setting off an often irreversible slide

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"To create the leaders of tomorrow, we must equip students with a holistic blend of skills much earlier in the education continuum, as early as pre-K." Read BellXcel CEO Lauren Sanchez Gilbert's insight article, which ran in Scholastic's EDU blog.

Now Mia enjoys math and is getting higher scores on tests, homework and class work. BellXcel made it interesting and fun for her to learn. 

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