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Every year in classrooms across the U.S., school districts witness the devastating effects of summer learning loss. This yearly phenomena manifests in the form of lost academic skills, decreased teacher motivation, and increased systemic costs due to academic interventions. 

Our new modular solutions make it easier than ever for you to deliver high-quality, measurable, and data-driven after-school and summer learning programs that  accelerate learning for year-round impact. 

Every year, scholars enrolled in our partners' programs achieve measurable improvements in academics, social-emotional learning, and self-confidence. According to a recent study, 100 percent of teachers reported that BellXcel's professional development positively influenced their approach to teaching in the new school year. Teachers said they integrated growth mindset, deployed positive behavior management tactics, and allowed students more choice and agency in their learning.


Transform students into scholars

Students enrolled in BellXcel-powered programs are known as scholars, which underscores our culture of high expectation. Scholars are at the heart of our work. While programs impact children of all walks of life, our scholars are usually underperforming students from families who struggle to make ends meet, preventing them from accessing quality learning year-round.


Empower educators

Our comprehensive Professional Development solution provides a deep dive into BellXcel systems while facilitating their use of research-based techniques in 21st century learning and whole child development. Through a collaborative approach, our PD will help you ensure that your programs are consistent and of the highest caliber.


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The Board of Education appreciates the commitment to providing our students with access to rigorous and enriching programs like BellXcel. We value this partnership and look forward to monitoring our students’ continued success in this program.
Michael Durso
Montgomery County, MD, Board of Education President
of Educators: "I was well-prepared for my Role in the Program"

School Year Impact

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A new Bellwether Education Partners Study found that BellXcel helps teachers hone their instructional skills during the summer, which they then carry into the school year. 

Helping You Meet ESSA Requirements

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The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) calls for states and school districts to select evidence-based interventions to help struggling schools improve. We can help. 

Top 5 Reasons School Districts Choose BellXcel

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Evidence-based Solution

BellXcel is backed by randomized control trials and independent third-party evaluations. Year-after-year, our programs lead to measurable improvements in reading and math for our partners.

Measurable Outcomes

Evaluation tools will enable you to measure outcomes and quality. This includes licenses to a computer adaptive assessment system for scholar academic measurement, and stakeholder surveys.

Flexible Modular Approach

With BellXcel, you are in the driver's seat. Our evidence-based solutions contain the building blocks you need to customize dynamic programs based on your needs and budget.

Empowers Educators

Our best-in-class professional development will empower and re-energize your team with new skills that transcend into the school year. Delivered via live webinars, self-guided learning, in-person and live virtual classroom learning.

Superb Support!

We provide continuous coaching, on-demand assistance and technical support to guide you every step of the way to success.


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Educator Profile: Meet Nancy Kelly

Meet Nancy Kelly

For Nancy Kelly, a school teacher for over 20 years, BellXcel's biggest impact boils down to relationships. She says BellXel enables her to nurture stronger relationships with current students, and forge new ones with her future class. Third-graders are introduced to Ms. Kelly’s expectations and teaching style, which will make their transition into fourth-grade much smoother, and less jittery.

It is what our teachers want and what our students need. We are re-imagining summer learning in the Tuscaloosa City Schools as rich and engaging learning experiences for our students.

Tuscaloosa School Superintendent Dr. Mike Daria, Ed.D