We build software that will make your youth program hum.

Leverage digital tools in one seamless platform and spend less time dealing with program logistics and paperwork, and more time focused on what truly matters – elevating the potential of youth.


Replace “now what?” with know-how.

Leverage BellXcel’s program planner, featuring the power of a curated planning list rooted in decades of research on what it takes to plan a high-quality program.

Evidence-based to-do list: Stay organized, focused, and efficient
Customizable roadmap: Your program, your way
Embedded resources: Support to confidently tackle each task
Real-time collaboration: Consistent staff onboarding and teamwork

Simplify sign up.

Launch your program with a customizable and automated portal for recruiting, enrolling, and managing participants.

  • Have a head-start on tracking metrics.
  • Easily create program applications with auto-enroll and wait list options.
  • Collect all the participant data, documents, & waivers from families in one place.
  • One log-in provides access to simplified sign-ups, mobile access, and program information.

Provide staff with opportunities for professional growth.

Excited and inspired staff is critical to program success; encourage yours with rich resources and professional development.

Self-paced online professional development for staff and administrators
Track learning progress and download certificates
Curated resources & tools to support success
Onboarding & training guides get your team focused and ready to go

Learn how BellXcel can power YOUR program.

Roster and attendance management at your fingertips.

Participant and family information accessible anytime, anywhere – especially when you need it most.

Visibility into attendance & retention
Create & manage groups
Time-stamped attendance
Pick-up, medical, and emergency information

Strengthen family engagement
with the BX App.

The BX app is a powerful and easy-to-use communication app for youth programs that makes it easier than ever for teachers, staff, and administrators to build connections with families and guardians.

  • Programs can:
  • • Share announcements & photos
    • Send & receive clear communications
    • Collaborate with your team
    • Customize the app with your program logo & brand colors
  • Families can:
  • • Easily message staff & administrators
    • Get notifications
    • Manage communications for multiple children in one place
  • Request a demo

Monitor metrics & share your story.

Leverage unparalleled visibility into program metrics, actionable insights, and strategies to build and sustain impact in your community, and share that impact with your stakeholders.

Program dashboard shows enrollment rates, average daily attendance, and retention
Measure staff, youth, and family satisfaction
Aggregate critical data, share with funders and key stakeholders, and boost outcomes
Demonstrate impact with compelling data

Flexible Curriculum Options.

Add-on expansive curriculum options are designed to help you meet the diverse needs of those you serve, including literacy, math, social emotional learning, enrichment, and physical fitness.

Explore Curriculum