Curriculum Flexibility

Whether your program is focused on academics, enrichment, or soccer, with BellXcel you have the freedom to match curriculum to your program goals - choose one of ours or use your own!

BellXcel Explorers

Strengthening the whole-child approach to programming.

Empower a growth mindset in youth with a strong social emotional learning curriculum that can lead to both heightened self-confidence as well as valuing diverse perspectives.

social emotional learning
Social & Emotional Learning
Daily routines and professional development provide impactful skills and strategies for the classroom.
physical fitness
Physical Fitness
Build confidence, teach skills through play, and prime them for learning - all while developing healthy habits!
Activities and virtual field trips encourage scholars to explore and experiment in art, music, engineering, science, and more.

  • Explorers from BellXcel is whole-child programming designed to support healthy minds and healthy bodies — with lessons aligned to CASEL standards.
  • 100+ activities to choose from - including virtual field trips! 
  • SEL-infused with daily routines and structured lessons with multisensory activities.
  • Adventure packs organized around themes.
  • Supported by professional learning and teaching guides.

“The program assisted me with understanding the importance of implementing social emotional experiences to increase student success and engagement.”

2021 Staff Member

BellXcel Partner
BellXcel Explorers

Year-round academic solutions

Scholastic Scholar Zone is a solution designed to help you offer a high-quality ELA and math program for your students in grades k-8.

scholar zone ela
Reading / ELA Curriculum

Access a diverse set of texts that can be leveraged to meet the needs of learners of any level.

scholar zone math
Math Curriculum

Support learners' development in the eight strands of mathematical practice with structured lessons.

  • Designed to keep scholars actively engaged in whole class, small group and independent scenarios, and to let them have a little fun while they do it through multisensory and structured lessons. 
  • Student workbooks featuring integrated articles and activities. 
  • Top-rated read-aloud books aligned with workbook activities.
  • Teacher pacing guides and answer keys.
  • Supported by professional learning and resources.

Flexible options

for year-round growth.

Scholar Zone Summer Scholar Zone Extended Learning
Options for scope and sequence tailored to the needs of summer.
Complete with integrated pacing guides to flexibly support programs.