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BellXcel Afterschool

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BellXcel Afterschool empowers you with evidence-based strategies, tools and resources so you can design and deliver high-quality, measurable afterschool programs.

For over 25 years, school districts have chosen BellXcel Afterschool to impact students, educators, and families. Students improve their academic and social-emotional skills and gain the confidence to succeed in the school year. Teachers gain new teaching skills and transmit them back to the classroom. Families receive free take-home books and curriculum, creating a year-long cycle of learning. 

With BellXcel Afterschool, you can build new programs from the ground up, or enhance existing ones. Programs powered by BellXcel Afterschool often incorporate academics with hands-on enrichment, physical activities, field trips, and guest speakers.


Comprehensive Solution

Instructional and Operational Expertise and Resources 

  • Evidence-based tools that empower you to create new or enhance existing afterschool programs.

Tiered Math/ELA Curriculum 

  • Based on best practices for literacy and math instruction 
  • Whole-group, small-group, and individualized learning activities
  • Cross-content reading and writing

Professional Development 

  • Designed by educators for educators
  • In-person and/or virtual instruction and self-guided learning
  • Targeted coaching

Quality Assurance 

  • Tools and resources
  • In-depth on-site observations
  • Coaching sessions

Evaluation & Assessment

  • Computer adaptive assessments for scholar academic measurement
  • Stakeholder surveys to drive outcomes & quality improvement 

Coaching & Support

  • End-to-end support, including dedicated relationship managers
  • Human Resources support
  • Technical and logistical support
  • Comprehensive program handbooks

Classroom Materials

  • A range of tools to promote and optimize your program
  • Communication templates and samples
  • Binder inserts, tabs and face sheets
  • Promotional posters
  • Family handbooks


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BellXcel's commitment to working with low-performing students has not only had a positive impact on their ability to perform on or above grade level, but on the morale of our entire school.

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Achieved Gains in Pre/Post Math Test Scores
Achieved Gains in Pre/Post Literacy Test Scores
of Teachers Said Scholars Exhibit Growth Mindset

Helping You Meet ESSA Requirements

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The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) calls for states and school districts to select evidence-based interventions to help struggling schools improve. Find out how we can help you.