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Our best-in-class BellXcel Professional Development solution empowers your team all year long to accelerate your education outcomes. We have over 25 years of expertise in program design, operations, student and family engagement, curriculum and instruction, measurement, culture and climate, and continuous improvement. Our flexible modular approach enables you to access in-person or virtual professional development based on your unique needs. 

We also provide educators with social emotional learning (SEL) strategies that result in increased SEL skills and self-esteem among their scholars. With BellXcel, your impact will transcend into the school year. According to a recent study by Bellwether Education Partners, 100 percent of participating educators said BellXcel’s professional development positively influenced their approach to teaching in the new school year.

Targeted Professional Development & Coaching

BellXcel's PD can be delivered in a variety of ways, including live webinars, self-guided learning, in-person and live virtual classroom learning. Our approach includes access to supplemental tools and resources to help you apply what you learn the next day. Tap into our expertise in:

  • Program Design
  • Operations
  • Planning & Instruction
  • Curriculum
  • Communication & Relationship Building
  • Culture and Climate
  • Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)
  • Positive Behavior Management


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Summer as an Accelerator for Teacher Professional Growth

In this independent study, 100 percent of surveyed teachers reported that BellXcel’s professional development positively influenced their approach to teaching in the new school year. The teachers applied BellXcel's instructional techniques in school-year classrooms, including integrating growth mindset language, deploying positive behavior management tactics, and allowing students more choice and agency in their learning.

The teachers reported that being a part of BellXcel Summer was energizing and renewed their appreciation and passion for teaching to the point where they volunteered to train colleagues on BellXcel strategies.

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Of Educators: "BellXcel positively changed my approach to the school year"
Of Educators: "BellXcel developed my professional skills"

Helping you meet ESSA Requirements

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The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) calls for states and school districts to select evidence-based interventions to help struggling schools improve. Find out how we can help.

Top 5 Reasons School Districts Choose BellXcel

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Evidence-based, check. Measurable outcomes, check. Proven, check. Find out why for over 25 years, school districts have chosen BellXcel to expand evidence-based learning time in their communities. 

Teacher Approved

The program enables me to hone my teaching skills over the summer and apply those learnings in my classroom in the fall.

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Of Educators: "Scholars are more prepared for school in the fall"
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