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Fall 2020

Discover the All-in-One Solution for Fall 2020 Programs

Whether your program is structured for distance learning, in-person, or a hybrid approach, choose BellXcel and gain the tools, resources, training and support you need.


Essential digital resources to support changing circumstances 

Includes self-paced online professional learning and training for administrators and teachers, a Teacher Portal for easy access to resources, quality assessment tools and surveys, and access to our support desk for technical assistance. Digital access to scholar resources and the BellXcel Family Portal are also available.


Printed materials to support your team, families, and students

Handbooks provide teachers and administrators with quick, at-your-fingertips reference. Printed instructional materials are also available to support distance learning.


Professional learning to confidently adapt to new environments

Build a strong foundation, prepare teachers, and gain the tools to confidently adapt to changing circumstances. Live and pre-recorded webinars, personalized coaching, and additional resources are available on-demand


Flexible student programming

BellXcel-powered programs have the freedom to utilize curriculum from our preferred providers or to use your own to ensure vital learning support for students. Social-emotional learning, enrichment and wellness are infused throughout the programming.


No matter when, where or how you structure your program this Fall, build a strong foundation with BellXcel. Contact us today to learn more!


Anytime. Anywhere. Any way. 

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Prepare teachers, support families and gain the tools to confidently adapt to changing circumstances.

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For Administrators

Tools and resources to adapt and run a distance learning, in-person, or hybrid program are provided along with coaching and online training and resources, including handbooks and a robust digital library. 

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For Educators

Online training, webinars, handbooks, and resources for teaching and learning in live and distance learning environments are provided through the BellXcel Teacher Resource Portal.

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For Families

The BellXcel Activity Workbook and Family Portal feature SEL and wellness activities as well as resources in both English and Spanish to help families and caregivers support their child.