Free Resources for Youth Program Professionals

Ebooks, guides, templates, and more to help you run your youth program.


12 Days of Delight

To help excite your kiddos, we invite you to join along on the 12 days of fun, engaging, educational, and FREE activities! Pulled from the BellXcel Explorers curriculum, these activities are designed to encourage healthy minds and healthy bodies. More


Fundraising Roadmap

Explore the multiple fundraising avenues for youth programs. More


The Youth Programmer's Checklist to Successfully Partner with Schools

Improve your program, boost your enrollment, and earn community buy-in. More


Social Media Toolkit for Youth Programs

Bolster your online presence with some easy-to-follow best practices. More


8 Steps to Effective Fundraising

Fundraising is an essential part of serving your community. Philanthropic giving not only provides your youth organization the ability to fulfill your mission, it also helps organizations to meet their own giving goals through meaningful donations. This guide will cover the basics of fundraising and how to maximize your approach using specific tools and resources. More


Site Visit Checklist

Plan and execute site visits so guests leave the experience feeling enthusiastic about your impact and invested in the long-term success of your program. More


Summer Learning Program Evaluation Guide

This guide will help you understand your programs impact, identify strengths, and develop processes for continuous improvement and long-term sustainability. More


Partner Readiness Assessment

Determine the potential of a partnership by using this tool to explore key areas including funding, competitive landscape, service match, and potential population served. More


Partnership Program Profile

Use this form for deeper due diligence once you've confirmed there is an opportunity (or even after you've partnered!). The information gathered here will also be very helpful when creating a presentation or responding to an RFP. More


Site Visit Staff Briefing Document

Keep your leadership team and staff members informed of key attendees and information associated with your upcoming open house More


Preparing for Day 1 / Week 1 of Summer Learning

Prepare for your summer program through guided questions to help you prepare for Day 1 / Week 1 and avoid common missteps. More


Program Planning Highlights

Understand what it takes to build a high-quality out-of-school time program. Learn what to accomplish from two months to one week prior to program launch. More