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At BellXcel, we take measurement very seriously. In fact, we consider this area to be one of our key market differentiators. Measurement enables you to continuously enhance quality and impact. It also helps inform quality updates to our model for future programs.

With BellXcel, you will be able to analyze multiple data sources to gain a big picture view of what is working and what needs improvement.

Data Sources

  • Enrollment and attendance
  • Pre-and-post assessment scores
  • Stakeholder survey data
  • Social-emotional development
  • Training completion rates
  • Quality indicators


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It was refreshing to know that we could gauge our progress throughout the summer and make enhancements based on data, and not hunches, to improve outcomes.

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Measurement educator and scholar
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Measurement Tools

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Computer-Adaptive Assessments

BellXcel's solutions include computer adaptive assessment tools aligned to appropriate learning standards, including Common Core Standards. Teachers trained in BellXcel use this tool to identify strengths and weaknesses and develop individualized learning plans. Pre-and post-assessments measure months gained in academic skills in reading and math.


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Stakeholder Surveys

A series of scholar, educator, and parent surveys generate important qualitative data on changes in scholars’ self-confidence and growth mindset. Collected survey data will empower you to continuously strengthen program quality and scholar achievement. Survey data and evaluation results are used to demonstrate program impact to parents, teachers, principals, supporters, and partners.


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