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Meet ESSA Requirements

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The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), signed into law in 2015, replacing the No Child Left Behind Act, calls for states and school districts to use evidence-based interventions, methods and practices that have been scientifically shown to have positive impacts on student achievement. 

BellXcel has an incredibly strong research and evidence base. We have participated in multiple studies that meet ESSA's strict standards, which have been reviewed and confirmed by school districts. By partnering with BellXcel, you can tap federal funding to expand access to evidenced-based learning in your community.

Independent Reviews

Two independent reviews recently confirmed that BellXcel’s summer and afterschool solutions meet ESSA evidence standards. These reviews highlight BellXcel’s rigorous approach to evaluation and strong outcomes.

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BellXcel Summer

RAND Corporation's Investing in Successful Summer Programs, an independent review of summer programs nationwide confirms BellXcel meets the highest levels of evidence 1 of only 43 summer programs in the U.S. with this distinction.


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BellXcel Afterschool

Research for Action's Afterschool Evidence Guide confirms that BellXcel meets the highest levels of evidence — 1 of only 16 academically-focused programs in the U.S. 



The Impact of BellXcel Summer and Afterschool

Impact of BellXcel Summer and Afterschool Report

Learn how BellXcel-powered summer and afterschool programs narrow the achievement gap, increase school engagement, develop stronger educators, & meet family & community needs. 

Top 5 Reasons School Districts Choose Us

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Evidence-based, check. Measurable outcomes, check. Proven, check. Find out why for over 25 years, school districts have chosen BellXcel to expand evidence-based learning time in their communities.

Meeting ESSA Evidence

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Montgomery County Public Schools Study

In 2016, the Montgomery County Public Schools Office of Shared Accountability commissioned an independent evaluation of BELL Summer’s (now BellXcel Summer) impact throughout the year using multiple regression analyses that included both BELL attendees and non-attendees and controlled for students’ characteristics, including their initial abilities. The evaluation found BELL scholars significantly outperformed non-participants in third- and fourth-grade math and reading meeting level two standard of evidence.

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Urban Institute Study

In 2008, BELL (now BellXcel) participated in a rigorous, independent Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) study conducted by the Urban Institute. This study found statistically significant evidence that BELL's model increases scholars' reading achievement and parental engagement meeting level one standard of evidence.