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Programs powered by BellXcel come in all shapes and sizes. They are as diverse and dynamic as the communities our partners proudly serve. Above all, they are flexible to your needs, and the needs of those you serve. Yet, they are all guided by our core essentials - high expectations, partnerships for success, exceptional learning environments, teaching excellence, and relevant and engaging learning experiences. These principles are present in each site and are strongly connected to the success of your program. 

Did you know? BellXcel Summer is the largest evidence-based summer learning program in the U.S.

Related News

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BellXcel-powered programs reached nearly 1,400 K-8 Alabama students

A new partnership with school districts in Birmingham, Baldwin County, Tuscaloosa City and Tarrant City more than doubled the number of Alabama K-8 students set up for success due to their participation in summer programs designed to prevent summer learning loss and improve school preparedness for highest-need students.

Program Spotlights

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Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland

Community leaders in Montgomery County faced a steep challenge. Students were experiencing summer learning loss, a yearly phenomenon creating a snowball effect that would hold them back in school, and in life, for years to come. They sought a trusted partner with an evidence-based solution. Three years later, the BellXcel program serving third, fourth, and fifth-graders is flourishing.

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Greenville County, South Carolina

Many middle school students in the White Horse community are at risk of not graduating high school, and face steep challenges such as poverty and hunger. Fueled by a federal Social Innovation Fund grant, United Way of Greenville County, and partners including BellXcel have teamed up with Greenville County Schools to transform their community’s ability to help students stay on track and thrive.

The Big Lift in Action

The Big Lift, San Mateo, California

San Mateo County is in the heart of Silicon Valley, one of the nation’s wealthiest regions. Yet one-in-five households in the county earns less than $35,000. Nearly three-quarters of Latino, African American and Pacific Islander children aren’t reading at grade level by third grade. Learn how a special partnership with The Big Lift in San Mateo County, California is helping to create brighter futures for children.