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Meet Catherine

Meet Catherine Alvarado, Senior Director of Grant Administration and Program Innovation, for the Power Scholars Academy at the YMCA of San Antonio, TX. 


Why is this program so valuable to your community?

Catherine Alvarado, Power Scholars Academy, San Antonio

“Children need this program. They live in one of the poorest districts in the city. We are addressing the learning loss they experience over the summer. These children don’t have access to the same things other children do over the summer. That is what pulled me to this program- the fact that we are helping them become more successful.

Our program has become a pillar of the school – we are continuing their work with their students from their community. We are the bridge for that continuum of learning. By having embedded staff within the schools, we have great relationships with principals, counselors, and teachers, which helps us to identify the needs of the students.


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How does BellXcel help your program to combat summer learning loss?

“Summer learning loss is too big of a problem for one agency to handle alone. Without the support of BellXcel, we wouldn’t have the data to prove that the partnership is working. We are making a difference in changing the course of children’s lives by providing them the support they need to help them academically and socially be on par with their peers.”


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