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91.3 WYSO: Dayton Foundation's 'Learn To Earn' Program Works To Prevent 'Summer Slide'

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Students participate in the Dayton Foundation's Learn to Earn program. Photo by Larry C. Price

The last day of school is usually the best day of school for many kids growing up-then it's off for a summer of fun with family and friends. Over summer vacation, many kids will participate in learning programs or some sort of activity that keeps them engaged in the learning process. But not all kids have access to those enrichment programs. They can be scare for lower income kids and families without access.

The Dayton foundation is trying to change that with a Summer Learn to Earn program that began at several area schools. Dr. Tom Lasley with the University of Dayton is the executive director of the program. In this interview, WYSO's Jerry Kenney spoke with Lasley about the program's structure and what results the foundation has seen now that kids are back in school.

Listen to the interview here.