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After School Impact: Scholars gain academic and social skills

September 4, 2014 - Dorchester, MA - Results from the 2013-2014 BELL After School program suggest that more time for learning had a positive impact on scholar achievement. Impact was measured using formative assessments administered at the start and end of the program (STAR Enterprise Assessments), parent surveys, and teacher surveys.

Enrollment & Attendance

A total of 3,756 scholars in grades K-8 enrolled in the BELL After School at 33 public schools.

Scholars achieved an average daily attendance rate of 87%.

Academic Growth

At the start of the BELL After School program, formative assessments provided teachers with baseline indicators of scholar performance along with individualized learning plans. Approximately 72% of scholars started the program performing below grade level in reading, and 61% were behind in math.*

Assessment data from the end of the BELL After School program show that the majority of scholars increased their scaled scores in reading and math:

  • 72% of all scholars demonstrated gains in scaled scores in reading, and 69% of scholars gained scaled scores in math.
  • 76% of scholars starting the BELL After School program below grade level (<50th percentile) increased their scaled scores in reading, and 72% of underperforming students increased their scaled scores in math.

Increases in scholars' scaled scores suggests that participating in after school activities could have a positive impact on academic achievement. The data also hints that expanded learning opportunities may have the greatest impact on scholars who stand to benefit the most: those who are performing below grade level.


  • 89% of teachers and 91% of parents reported that scholars increased their self-confidence.

social skills

  • 83% of teachers reported that scholars are better at relating to their peers.
  • 88% of parents reported that scholars are cooperating more with other children.

Parent Engagement & Satisfaction

  • 95% of parents reported high satisfaction with BELL's expanded learning programs.
  • 93% of parents reported that they were more engaged in their scholar's education because of BELL.

Teacher engagement & satisfaction

  • 97% of teachers reporting that expanded learning time in BELL After School helped them develop their professional skills
  • 95% of teachers found working in the BELL After School program to be personally rewarding.

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