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BELL Announces Winners of the Annual Peterkin Award for Educational Leadership

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BOSTON, MA - March 23, 2015 - Today BELL announced the winners of the Robert B. Peterkin Award for Educational Leadership:

Maurice McKoy
After School Program Manager
Harlem Park Elementary & Middle School
Baltimore, MD

Tom Kordick
Summer Program Manager
Davidson Elementary School
San Rafael, CA

Maurice grew up in Baltimore and graduated from Baltimore City Public Schools. Since joining BELL's team in 2007, Maurice has served as an Enrichment Instructor, Teacher, and Program Manager at the Dickey Hill Elementary & Middle School, and Harlem Park Elementary & Middle School, where he has led BELL's summer and afterschool programs for the past two years.

"Maurice is so dedicated to scholars and to the mission," says Damon Johnson, BELL's Director of Program Operations in Baltimore. "He takes pride in his work. He's not only does the work, he also coaches and models and helps the people around him be successful."

Tom serves as a History teacher at Davidson Middle School during the school year. He helped establish BELL's first summer learning programs in California in 2012, and continued to lead the program at Davidson in 2013 and 2014.

BELL honored Maurice & Tom for their excellence and impact with the Peterkin Award for Educational Leadership, one of BELL's highest employee honors. They earned the award based on BELL staff nominations, scholar assessment data, scholar engagement metrics such as retention and attendance, program quality indicators, and feedback from parent and teacher surveys.

"Maurice is the type of leader who puts his hand to the plow," said Johnson. "I've watched him do everything from clean the cafeteria to serve dinner to go into a classroom and participate in a lesson with a teacher. There is not a job in the school that he hasn't done. He has rightfully earned the respect of his staff, of the school, parents, and peers."

The Program Committee of BELL's governing Board of Directors and its leadership team selected winners in honor of Dr. Robert B. Peterkin, a longtime BELL board member. Dr. Peterkin was one of BELL's first board members when the nonprofit was founded in 1992. He is the former Director of the Urban Superintendents Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and pioneer in educational leadership. Learn more about Dr. Peterkin here.

Recipients of the award will be invited to apply their leadership skills in helping to shape the future of BELL. In recognition of all of their contributions, each winner will receive an award and a check for $1,000. Their names will be engraved on a plaque in each BELL office, joining winners from prior years.

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