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BELL & the Education Achievement Authority (EAA) of Michigan Partner to Boost Student Achievement through Summer Learning

DETROIT, MI - May 22, 2012- BELL (Building Educated Leaders for Life) has announced a partnership with Michigan's new statewide system of schools, the Education Achievement Authority (EAA) of Michigan. BELL will offer its evidence-based summer learning program for 760 students in Detroit. Working together, BELL and the EAA will deliver a research-based summer learning model that includes 6.5 hours of literacy and math instruction as well as hands-on enrichment activities five days per week, for five weeks. The partnership is designed to harness school and community resources to increase students' academic skills and prepare them for success in the fall.

Dr. John Covington, Chancellor of the EAA of Michigan noted, "Summer presents an ideal time to expose children to a diverse array of academic supports and enrichment opportunities. The EAA is pleased to partner with BELL in offering a summer learning program with demonstrated outcomes that it improves academic achievement."

At Detroit's Phoenix Elementary School, 320 mostly bi-lingual students in grades K-5 will participate in the summer learning program. Approximately 440 8th grade students from several schools will participate at the Denby and Henry Ford High Schools. "Summer learning helps students gain key academic skills and be prepared to succeed in the fall," explains Tiffany Gueye, Ph.D., BELL's CEO. "It's especially important for students transitioning from one school to the next. Hosting BELL Summer at high schools will help students become comfortable in their new school environment."

The program is scheduled to start on July 2. The partnership will enable BELL to create a high-quality learning environment that includes small-group instruction and enrichment courses, such as science and leadership development, led by teachers and teachers' assistants hired from the school community. It will meet additional needs of families by delivering free nutritious breakfast and lunch for students and engaging students in physical fitness, field trips, and community service. And, it will deliver new summer jobs and training opportunities for educators. BELL and the EAA of Michigan are each covering a portion of program expenses. BELL is bringing philanthropic funding from the Social Innovation Fund, the Smarter Summers Initiative, the Wallace Foundation, and others.

About BELL

BELL, founded in 1992, is one of the nation's leading providers of quality summer and after school educational programs. It is committed to transforming the academic achievements, self-confidence, and life trajectories of children living in under-resourced, urban communities. BELL serves more than 15,000 students - whom BELL recognizes as "scholars" - in public schools throughout Baltimore, MD; Boston, MA; Charlotte, NC; Detroit, MI; Newark, NJ; New York City, NY; San Jose, CA; San Rafael, CA; Spartanburg, SC, Springfield, MA; and Winston-Salem, SC. BELL's summer learning program has been independently proven by the Urban Institute to increase children's reading skills and parental involvement. BELL employs more than 1,500 teachers and tutors across the nation. Please visit www.experienceBELL.org for more information.

About the Education Achievement Authority (EAA) of Michigan

The Education Achievement Authority is a new statewide school system that will operate the lowest performing 5 percent of schools in Michigan not achieving satisfactory results on a redesign plan or that are under an emergency manager. It is designed to provide a new, stable, financially responsible set of public schools that create the conditions, supports, tools and resources under which teachers can help students make significant academic gains. The EAA focuses on equity to meet the needs of each child; on choice to provide a portfolio of schools from which to choose; and reinvention to move away from the traditional model of public schooling. Its curriculum is organized based on instructional levels rather than traditional grade levels. Students are required to master requisite skills at one instructional level before proceeding to the next.


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