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BELL launches after school learning opportunities for 3,000 scholars

BOSTON, MA - October 1, 2013 - As the school year picks up steam, scholars are honing their skills, trying new things, and exploring the world around them after the school day has ended. This year, the BELL After School program is serving more than 3,000 scholars, and bringing together a team of more than 450 teachers and program leaders who work tirelessly because they believe that all children can be scholars.

BELL is partnering with schools in Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, New York City, Newark, and the San Francisco Bay area to expand learning time after school. A new partnership with the Browne Middle School is bringing after school tutoring to scholars in Chelsea, MA. ExpandEd schools by TASC, the New York City Department of Youth & Community Development (DYCD), the Family League of Baltimore, and Project LIFT are a few of the community partners helping make our impact possible.

Each year, BELL aims to continually improve our approach. This school year marks the completion of a transition from paper-based tests to computer-adaptive STAR Enterprise assessments, which are built for the Common Core and and help teachers use data to differentiate instruction.

So far, so good: while the new assessments are equipping teachers with actionable information, they also are strengthening school day learning as teachers become more familiar and comfortable with Common Core-aligned curricula and assessments.

BELL's team continues to learn a little every day about how to best utilize these tools in an expanded learning environment, but one thing is for sure: these tools are resulting in even better learning experiences for scholars.