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BELL Piloting Technology-based Curricula in Two Regions

Baltimore, MD and Newark, NJ - This year, BELL is piloting two technology-based literacy curricula in its after school program. Scholars at BELL After School program sites in Baltimore are trying out SkillsTutor, while their peers in Newark are utilizing Raz-Kids. Both curricula extend BELL's ability to assess scholar learning, differentiate instruction, and track progress. Scholars engage in online lessons that feature animated books and interactive quizzes. They listen for modeled fluency, read aloud for practice, and sharpen their math skills.

SkillsTutor and Raz-Kids enhance our ability to share data with schools and districts. They extend our ability to monitor progress on a classroom, grade level, and school level and focus instruction after school and in the summer on scholars' specific needs. In Newark, school day teachers are also utilizing Raz-Kids, resulting in an even stronger linkage between school-day and after school learning.

BELL is closely monitoring these pilots and assessing opportunities to expand the use of technology-based curricula this summer. Paired with other curricula resources and BELL's multicultural reader's library, we will be able to provide a blended learning environment that research shows accelerates student learning and increases satisfaction. Schools and districts are taking notice, too, as more and more are looking to integrate technology-enabled learning. Developing this new core competency in programming will open up new partnership opportunities in the future, and lear to even greater scholar impact.

To see a video of this great new pilot program and to see scholars in action, click here.