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MA Nonprofit News: Twelve Nonprofit Leaders Have Been Named Barr Fellows

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November 20, 2014 - BOSTON, MA - Twelve Boston-based nonprofit leaders have been named Barr Fellows, which awards a three-month sabbatical, the opportunity for global travel, and leadership retreats over the next three years, plus a $40,000 grant to their organization.

This marks the fourth time since 2005 that the Boston-based Barr Foundation, one of the largest private foundations in New England, has named a class of Fellows, leaders selected "for their outstanding contribution to Boston and their potential to drive positive change for years to come."

"The Barr Fellowship extends from the foundation's commitment to invest in effective, visionary, and collaborative leaders," said Barr President Jim Canales. "Barr Fellows are leaders who motivate others, drive change, and produce results."

Each fellowship includes a $40,000 grant to the Fellow's organization which may be used in different ways, including organizational development consulting, hiring of temporary staff during or after the Fellow's sabbatical, and to pay bonuses to staff who take on additional work during the sabbatical.

In addition, the foundation provides $3,000 for executive coaching and $1,000 for learning travel, as well as travel expenses for each fellow for a two-week learning journey and overnight retreats that are held twice a year for three years.

Named as members of the 2015 class are:

"After years of leading organizations, and the constant fight for resources, many of these leaders are near burnout," the foundation notes. "With neither time nor dollars for reflection or rejuvenation, they are not able to maximize their gifts. The Barr Fellowship is an effort to change that."

Founded in 1997, the Barr Foundation focuses its grantmaking on providing quality education, mitigating climate change, and enhancing cultural vitality.