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Marian University Summer Learning Initiative Making Strides with Help from BELL Success

Indianapolis is a hotspot for summer learning. Grant-making organizations such as the Lilly Endowment, Lumina Foundation for Education and the Indianapolis Foundation have made significant investments through Indianapolis' Summer Youth Program Fund in organizations that provide high-quality summer learning opportunities.

One such organization is Marian University, which launched its Summer Learning Institute (SLI) in 2010. SLI provides low-cost academic support services to summer academic enrichment programs. This support includes professional training and support to youth development workers and analysis of the measured impact each summer program has on student learning.

BELL Success, BELL's online professional development offering, is playing an integral role in the SLI by providing award-winning e-learning training to each participating organization. More than 30 programs are benefitting from SLI in 2011, including the Boys & Girls Clubs, Catholic Charities and Kaleidoscope Youth Center.

To learn more about BELL Success!, please visit www.bellsuccess.org or email Gina Cooper, Knowledge Dissemination Manager.

To learn more about Marian University's Summer Learning Institute, visit their website or contact Dr. Judy Bardonner, Director.