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Mobilizing to Support Our Partners' Success

Dear Friends,

For all of us, this past week’s daycare and school closings due to COVID-19 have presented a multitude of new challenges and experiences. We at BellXcel and our affiliate the Sperling Center for Research and Innovation (SCRI) have thought deeply about our role and we are putting into motion several strategies to help our staff, partners, and scholars navigate our new realities.

Leveraging our remote workforce to continue partner support At BellXcel and SCRI, our workforce is already primarily remote – collaborating remotely is our way of life. We are confident and comfortable leveraging technology to work and plan. Every day our staff demonstrate their resilience and dedication to our partners and scholars. We are fully equipped to continue delivering professional development and coaching remotely and supporting our partners on a regular basis.

Launching virtual Community Time for our partners Beginning next week, we will offer a standing remote Community Time for our partners – the adults who are working to keep kids safe, healthy, engaged and learning. We will check in with one another to see how we’re feeling, build cultural norms, and strengthen social and emotional skills. We want to be there for each other in big and small ways. Soon, we will email our partners with registration information.

Assessing our partners’ needs BellXcel and SCRI work in 32 states across the country. We are monitoring news from various regions and ensuring we stay closely connected to our partners. We are actively collecting data on school closures, summer learning plans, and how partners are adapting to evolving circumstances and needs. This will inform us on how to mobilize our team to serve our partners’ short and long-term needs.

Elevating inspiring and innovative partner actions Our partners are amazing. They are front-line providers of high-quality summer and afterschool experiences. They are responding to needs in inspiring and innovative ways – from offering meals for families to opening their facilities to provide childcare for medical professionals and first responders. As we learn more about their actions to meet community needs, we’ll share their stories and look for ways to support their efforts.

Thank you for everything you have and will do in your local communities to get us through this trying time. Together we will achieve great things.

With deep respect and admiration,

Lauren Sanchez Gilbert

Chief Executive Officer

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