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Nearly 8,000 scholars experience BELL Summer

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In the summer of 2013, BELL expanded learning time for 7,942 scholars in grades K-8. The nonprofit partnered with schools and community organizations in nine states, serving scholars and families at 62 BELL Summer sites.

Program schedules varied by city, delivering summer learning from 5-10 hours per day, 5 days per week, for between 5-8 weeks. In the mornings, small-group instruction focused on English language arts and math. Afternoon enrichment spanned a diverse array of courses and experiences ranging from digital photography to kickball, weekly field trips to colleges and laboratories, and community service projects and special events.

This summer, BELL piloted new academic and enrichment curricula at many sites, and replaced paper-based tests with computer adaptive assessments - STAR Enterprise Assessments - in nearly all sites. While scholars benefitted from the summer learning activities, teachers and schools gained experience and familiarity with curricula and digital assessments that are aligned to Common Core standards and will be launched in school classrooms this fall.

BELL hired and trained more than 1,250 teachers, school leaders, and community members, who worked together to deliver a high quality learning experience for scholars during the summer months. BELL and its partners combined school and district funding with philanthropic support from foundations, corporations, and individuals. Schools also provided breakfasts and lunches and facilities, including transportation in some locations.

Outcomes data from the BELL Summer program will be published in November.


BELL Summer 2013 Enrollment Data









Through partnerships with schools in San Jose and San Rafael, BELL continued to enroll middle school students in BELL Summer.




Baltimore City Schools and BELL continued to work together to deliver BELL Summer for middle school students.




BELL partnered with Boston Public Schools to deliver a summer learning experience with the Office of English Language Learners, as well as a program for middle school students. A new elementary school partnership was launched with Salem Public Schools.




The BRICK / Avon Academy and BELL continued a summer learning partnership in Newark.




BELL worked alongside NYC Summer Quest, the Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD), and the Zone 126 Partnership to serve scholars in grades K-8 at 13 sites.




Partnerships with Project LIFT, the Charlotte community, and Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Public Schools reached more than 2,500 scholars in grades K-8 at 13 sites.




In Hartford CT, Orlando FL, and Chicago IL, BELL partnered with The Y to deliver new summer learning programs at three local elementary schools.

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Source: BELL Summer Enrollment & Attendance Data, powered by Salesforce.