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Parents Invite BELL to Expand Learning Time in San Jose & San Rafael

SAN RAFAEL, CA - January 14, 2013 - Parents at three schools in San Rafael and one in San Jose have invited BELL (Building Educated Leaders for Life) to deliver expanding learning opportunities for their children after school. The goal of the initiative is to help students who are struggling in school to boost their academic skills and strengthen their self-confidence.

The BELL After School program will operate for two hours per day, three days per week, for twelve weeks. In San Rafael, the BELL After School program will deliver rigorous instruction in literacy and math for 55 students at Davidson Middle School, 26 students at San Pedro Elementary School, and 40 students at Venetia Valley K-8 School. In San Jose, the program will serve 25 students at Bridges Academy. Participation is limited to students who are struggling academically and who qualify for free- or reduced-price lunch. Parents can enroll their children at no cost, as a public voucher program funds the program.

BELL will work closely with partner schools to hire and train certified teachers, as well as college students who will support classroom instruction. Participating students, recognized as "scholars" in BELL programs, will learn in a small-group environment.

"BELL is pleased to continue our partnership with San Rafael City Schools and the Franklin McKinley School District," says Naomi Eason, Ed.D., BELL's Executive Director. "We look forward to working closely with school partners to maximize both the in-school and out-of-school academic experiences. We will target instruction on scholars' individual needs to help them strengthen their English language arts and mathematics skills."

The launch of the BELL After School program in San Rafael and San Jose follows successful summer learning partnerships between BELL and schools in each community that reached nearly 500 students last year. Results from the five-week summer learning program showed that participating students boosted their literacy skills by 6-8% and their math skills by 5-9%, according to standardized tests administered at the end of the program.

About BELL
BELL is one of the nation's leading nonprofit providers of quality expanded learning programs for children in grades K-8. Its mission is to transform the academic achievements, self-confidence, and life trajectories of children living in under-resourced, urban communities. BELL serves more than 15,000 students - whom BELL recognizes as "scholars" - in public schools throughout Baltimore; Boston; Charlotte; Detroit; Newark; New York City; San Jose, CA; San Rafael, CA; Spartanburg, SC; Springfield, MA; and Winston-Salem, NC. BELL partners with more than 100 public schools and employs more than 2,000 teachers and tutors across the nation. Visit www.experienceBELL.org for more information.

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