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BellXcel Summer

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Welcome to the largest evidence-based summer learning program in the nation. BellXcel Summer is a solution that makes it easier for you to create new evidence-based summer programs or enhance existing ones.

Based on your specific needs, we will empower you in key areas, including:

  • Program Design & Administration
  • Family Engagement
  • Culture & Climate
  • Scholar Management
  • Curriculum & Instruction

A Flexible Model

With BellXcel, you are in the driver's seat. Our customized approach enables you to choose from our suite of services including professional development, coaching, curriculum, and on-demand support. Using our flexible solution, you create powerful programs that can combine Academics and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), with other dynamic learning components.


BellXcel Summer is backed by randomized control trials and independent evaluations. Year after year, scholars achieve on average 1 to 2 months of reading and math skills, preventing summer learning loss from holding back students, families, schools, and communities. 


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Comprehensive Solution

Instructional and Operational Expertise and Resources 

  • Evidence-based tools that empower you to create new or enhance existing summer programs.

Tiered Math/ELA Curriculum 

  • Based on best practices for literacy and math instruction 
  • Whole-group, small-group, and individualized learning activities
  • Cross-content reading and writing

Professional Development 

  • Designed by educators for educators
  • In-person and/or virtual instruction and self-guided learning
  • Targeted coaching

Quality Assurance 

  • Tools and resources
  • In-depth on-site observations
  • Coaching sessions

Evaluation & Assessment

  • Computer adaptive assessments for scholar academic measurement
  • Stakeholder surveys to drive outcomes & quality improvement 

Coaching & Support

  • End-to-end support, including dedicated relationship managers
  • Human Resources support
  • Technical and logistical support
  • Comprehensive program handbooks

Classroom Materials

  • A range of tools to promote and optimize your program
  • Communication templates and samples
  • Binder inserts, tabs and face sheets
  • Promotional posters
  • Family handbooks
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Prevent Summer Slide 

Summer learning loss, also known as summer slide, is a significant contributor to the achievement gap. Studies show children from under-resourced communities lose two months or more of reading and math skills each summer. The cumulative effect is devastating. By the end of fifth grade, these children are nearly three grade equivalents behind their more affluent peers in reading, setting off a snowball effect that is nearly impossible to reverse.



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Introducing BellXcel Remote

BellXcel, in partnership with Scholastic Education, introduce an all-in-one bundle that brings the classroom experience into the home.

My scholars have improved tremendously and our teachers have gained new instructional skills. Wow!

Teacher at BellXcel Partner School
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