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Happy National Summer Learning Week

Literary Adventure

Every good story is written one sentence at a time! Scholars work together to write a creative story. More

Discover STEM and Soar

What does it take for a structure to be strong? Challenge those assumptions with this STEM activity where scholars create structures using ordinary sheets of paper. More

Eat Healthy and Grow Strong to Win at Wellness

Let's get moving with this fun obstacle course activity that engages both mind and body! Improve physical fitness and while thinking scientifically. More

Celebrate the Future Leaders of Tomorrow

Blast off into a journey of discovery with this virtual field trip to explore infinite possibility at the International Space Station! More

Make a Masterpiece

Create BXie's world - the place where their imagination runs free! Learn BXie's story with the accompanying read-aloud, and let creativity soar! More

If you'd like more information about #summerlearningweek, be sure to check out the NSLA website.

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