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School administrators and other educators seeking evidence-based, proven solutions to empower them to accelerate educational outcomes.

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Youth-serving organizations seeking a solution that empowers them with tools and best practices to expand access to high-quality out-of-school-time education within their communities.

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Parents and guardians who play such an integral role in their child's success, and who continuously seek ways to become more involved in their child's education.

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Individual and institutional champions support our bold vision for all children to excel by expanding access to high-quality evidence-based learning all year-round.

Hours of Expanded Learning

Measurable results for over 25 years

Find out how our evidence-based solutions can empower your school district, school, or youth-serving organization to accelerate educational outcomes.

Summer Success = School Success

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The United Way of Greenville County, South Carolina, partnered with BellXcel as part of their OnTrack Greenville initiative to support highest-need students in this area. Last summer, scholars gained an average of 3 months in reading and 1.5 months in math, reversing summer slide. Holistic learning experiences included academics, enrichment, social emotional learning, field trips, and community engagement. 


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Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland was eager to learn if their investment in BellXcel Summer paid off. It commissioned a study to assess academic gains, program implementation, and professional development. The study found statistically significant evidence of positive impact on math and reading scores. Also, 94 percent of educators say BellXcel helped them improve their professional skills.

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San Mateo County is in the heart of Silicon Valley, one of the nation’s wealthiest regions. Yet one-in-five households in the county earns less than $35,000. Nearly three-quarters of Latino, African American and Pacific Islander children aren’t reading at grade level by third grade. Learn how a special partnership with The Big Lift in San Mateo County, California is helping to create brighter futures for children.