A vision for all children to excel

BellXcel is a nationally-recognized nonprofit that empowers youth program providers with innovative solutions, services and resources to scale and create meaningful impact across a variety of settings and communities.


Three pathways, one goal


BellXcel meets school districts and community organizations where they are, with solutions that fit, to advance the quality of youth experiences outside of the school day, and elevate the potential of youth.

Technology to drive scale

is a complete youth program management solution that provides a pathway for rapid scale and drive better outcomes. As BellXcel seeks to address the urgent need for quality, affordable youth program opportunities, Arly empowers providers with tools and resources that increase efficiency and improve operations, so they can focus on what really matters–elevating the potential of the children they serve.

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Consulting to drive impact 

Providing practical solutions driven by research, SCRI provides evidence-based, actionable guidance to schools and youth-serving organizations. Through targeted coaching and technical assistance, SCRI guides and supports partners with a holistic approach.

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RISE initiative

Impact initiatives

Rise impact initiatives direct resources, including Arly, SCRI, and philanthropic support to expand access to high-quality youth program experiences for underserved populations and create desired change.

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Our why

Out of school experiences are essential to the success of our youth. They provide valuable opportunities for young people to explore new subjects, stay engaged and motivated, and build vital life skills. Yet today, more families have difficulty finding and affording programs and providers must utilize disjointed tools to manage their offerings; inequity and inconsistent quality are prevalent.

    • Children spend 80% of their time outside of school, but there is a wide disparity in how they spend that time.

    • Middle-income students spend nearly 4,000 more hours in afterschool and summer learning programs by sixth grade than lower-income peers.

    • For every child in an afterschool program, 3 are waiting to get in –nearly 25 million children aren’t able to access.

    • Summer enrichment programs also face high unmet demand with only 22% of children in a structured summer experience.

    • Children involved in extracurricular activities and programs are 400 percent more likely to go to college.

    • 10 million children are enrolled in youth programs and activities; only a fraction of programs meet the highest standards for quality.

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