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Ballmer Group: A Long-Term Investment to Improve Economic Mobility

Steve and Connie Ballmer took big steps to create paths to opportunity for more children and families that are disproportionately likely to remain in poverty. Steve, Connie and their team at Ballmer Group made several flexible investments, with an eye on results-oriented programs and organizations that have potential to scale nationwide.

BellXcel was chosen to receive a Ballmer Group investment: a 10-year, $30 million commitment made in 2017. Ballmer Group’s generous support is helping us increase our impact across the country, with greater efficiency and attention to the needs of scholars, their families and their teachers.

“We hope to demonstrate the value of long-term unrestricted grants; they provide the flexibility to think, strategize and reach that’s so important to making a lasting difference,” explains Connie Ballmer. “We want to help BELL to meets its goals, reach more people, achieve greater outcomes and strengthen organizational health,” she says of the pledge.

Ballmer Group’s support of BellXcel is the largest gift in our 25-year history. We are thrilled to count the Ballmers among our biggest champions. Their investment will prove transformational and catalytic as we aim to scale our results for more scholars over the next many years.


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