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Our comprehensive Professional Development program empowers teachers to be change catalysts. We provide a deep dive into BellXcel systems while facilitating their use of research-based techniques in 21st century learning and whole child development. Through a collaborative approach, we ensure that programs powered by BellXcel are consistent and of the highest caliber.

BellXcel believes in providing support via the channels that best support each partner’s unique needs. We offer e-learning, live webinars and in-person options including coaching and implementation support to best achieve your objectives.

We also offer modules for enhanced customization in instructional strategies and operational approach.

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Educator Profile: Meet Nancy Kelly

Nancy Kelly

Scholar success boils down to relationships, says Nancy Kelly, a fourth grade math teacher. Through BellXcel, nurtures stronger relationships with her current students, and forges new ones with her future class.

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Empowering Educators

Study Finds BellXcel Summer Learning Programs Impact Teachers' Approach to School-Year Instruction

A new Bellwether Education Partners Study found BellXcel helps teachers hone their instructional skills during the summer, which they then carry into the school year to help students build skills all year long. Bellwether Education Partners is a national nonprofit research agency that helps education organizations accelerate their impact and improve their practice. Click here to read the study.



Educators who said BellXcel positively changed their approach to the school year
Educators who said BellXcel helped them develop professional skills
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