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Stories of Impact

We’re reaching more young people where they are, through the adults they know, with strategies that work. BellXcel’s high-quality solution is a strong foundation. However, true stories of impact come when scholars are thriving, educators are creating powerful experiences, and communities engage families in a way that all children have the opportunity to excel.


Bold, creative, data-driven and committed to innovation, our BellXcel team spans from coast to coast, united by a common goal to create innovative solutions that drive high-quality, transformative experiences rooted in evidence for PreK-8 youth. Does this sound like you? Perhaps you should join us!

Our Donors

From national foundations to individual donors, our financial supporters are driven to create equity and access. Together, we’re transforming the lives of scholars across the country by providing more opportunities for children to excel.


Let BellXcel's all-in-one education management solution be the backbone of your youth programming. KNOW that the work you're doing each day is rooted in quality, driven by data, and making a difference.


Welcome to the only complete evidence-based education software solution designed to help you plan and manage the highest quality summer and afterschool programs for youth.