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BellXcel Remote

BellXcel, in partnership with Scholastic Education, a global leader in literacy solutions, introduce an all-in-one bundle that brings the classroom experience into the home. 

BellXcel Remote provides all of the tools and resources to design, organize, implement, and assess a remote classroom environment with a strong social emotional learning approach. It blends print and optional digital components to address a range of technology scenarios. 


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The evidence-based, teacher-led approach that adapts the classroom experience for home use. 

Scholastic books


Remote Sample Handbooks


BellXcel remote for Administrators

For Administrators

Administrator’s handbook and training to adapt and run a virtual program, including scheduling, student attendance and management, policies and procedures, materials, and supplies. 

Tools and resources to organize, implement, and assess a remote classroom learning environment. 

Real-time technical assistance from experienced professionals throughout implementation. 

Assessment and final reports on a range of outcomes from student academic and social-emotional learning to teacher and family engagement. 

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For Educators

Comprehensive teacher guides and professional development with resources and lessons designed to support distance learning. 

Pre-planned instructional approach adaptable for a range of technology scenarios, from live video to phone to independent study. 

Age-appropriate wellness activities and tools developed by SEL experts to build student abilities in social, emotional, and physical wellness.

Family remote learning

For Families

Extended learning kit includes 3-6 weeks of level-appropriate curriculum in Math, English Language Arts, STEAM and Social-Emotional Learning, enabling students to work independently at home while accessing teacher support. 

Family guides with flexible tips for productive student work environments, as well as the promotion of academic and social-emotional learning.