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Susan Crown Exchange helps empower BellXcel educators with research-based SEL techniques

For scholars like fourth-grader, Yocelyn, BellXcel provides unique opportunities to shine. As a dual-language learner, Yocelyn began the BellXcel summer program in Montgomery County reluctant to participate and ask questions. After five-weeks of working with supportive and empowered teachers in small-group instruction and team-based enrichment courses, Yocelyn has transformed into a confident leader. She now is the first one to raise her hand to share her perspective during group discussion and is eager to help her peers problem-solve tough concepts and try new things.

Recognizing that all learning is social and emotional, Susan Crown Exchange has partnered with BellXcel to help more educators create a positive culture and climate for scholar success. With a generous $200,000 grant from Susan Crown Exchange, BellXcel will evaluate and expand our professional development (PD) offerings in social and emotional learning (SEL).

Over the next two years, BellXcel will conduct a thorough review of program assessments, field research, and partner needs. For the web-based solutions platform currently in development, BellXcel will then design, test, and disseminate new PD modules to help educators infuse research-based SEL techniques in their teaching practice both in and out-of-school. Susan Crown Exchange’s investment in this rigorous continuous improvement process will enable BellXcel to empower educators, and, in turn, thousands of scholars across the nation.


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